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Boutiques and Jewelers


All the materials we work with, from marble to onyx and composites, are used in a variety of applications in stores and boutiques, for flooring, boiserie, or to cover furnishings, giving them prestige and refinement.
Marble not only makes elegant and gives a touch of luxury to boutiques and jewelers, thanks to the properties of hardness and resistance to wear, it keeps its initial integrity over time despite the frequent passage of people.

Marble displays, for boutiques, shops and marble jewels


With the advent of new technologies and engineering solutions today it is possible to reduce the thickness of marble to decrease the weight of the furniture coverings so as to facilitate their eventual movement.

Marble weights a lot, so the possibility of making furniture such as tables, exhibitors and shelves was limited. Today, thanks to new technologies offered by the market, making marble furniture has become easier, since it is possible to lighten it by reducing the thickness and combining it, by using special resins, to a material with low specific weight. The materials that can be combined are aluminum (honeycomb), PVC, polypropylene or other materials.
The marbles used in the realization of the project are carefully selected and tested to ensure the final result required by the customer.

Onyx is another very fascinating material with a special feature that makes it valuable, being naturally translucent. Exhibitors made of onyx give the boutique an elegant and luxurious look, and the wide range of colors help Architects and Designers to make the right choice for each project.


The choice that can lead to the use of marble to make the coverings of boutiques and jewelry stores considers several aspects. First of all, marble is natural and consequently sustainable, valuable, and moreover its aesthetic characteristics are suitable to confer beauty and luxury that last over time; another important aspect is that marble gives brightness to the environments in which it is located.

Boutique wall coverings made of marble or stone maintain their beauty over time. Onyx can be used for the walls and for the exhibitors; exhibitors not only create a refined environment, but also become a source of light that illuminates the stores.

Thanks to Vicentina Marmi's decades of experience and the most innovative and modern technologies, it is possible to create any type of covering, classic or modern, keeping the customer's desire as the focus and respecting any architectural and design request.

Finally, another important element to evaluate in the realization of boutiques and jewelry stores is the floor. The color and type of marble to be used must consider the aesthetic and technical aspect. Vicentina Marmi, thanks to its knowledge of the raw material, design, and production skills, is the ideal partner for a professional and successful result.

Marble wall and boiserie coverings for commercial, private and public environments


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