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Lavori in travertino Vicentina Marmi-Vicentina Marmi travertine works



Calacatta oro


Marble has the advantage of being a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material that gives sophistication and elegance to any environment. Widely used in the past by all the people for the realization of statues or other objects and thanks to its hardness and strength still today these works appear in the full splendor.

Even today it is used in various fields thanks to its charm and the wide range of applications. It is chosen by Architects and Designers to embellish and give prestige to environments such as boutiques, residences, hotels, cafeterias and ships thanks to its characteristics of resistance and longevity.

Marble can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Granite is a natural material of high hardness that, thanks to the absence of pores, is impermeable even to oily or aggressive substances. Granite has many applications, from indoor to outdoor flooring and as a coating for walls, kitchen tops and bathrooms.

Granite can have different colors and veins that allow architects and interior designers to apply original and creative applications in any environment.

Onice miele - Honey onyx


Onyx is a very valuable natural material. Its intrinsic peculiarity is being translucent, and it is thanks to this characteristic that it is successfully used to create walls and counters in bars, restaurants and hotel receptions, but it can also be used in boutique shelving with backlighting.

Onyx is available in different and brilliant shades: white, orange, green, champagne, etc. that give brightness and emphasize the elegance of any environment.