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Honey onyx Vicentina Marmi

What is it?

Onyx is a very valuable natural material. Its major peculiarity and uniqueness is being translucent, and the colored ones have veins that shade the tones.

The charm of this material has attracted the interest of various populations since ancient times, its use in palaces was a symbol of exclusivity and luxury. A fascination that has remained intact today and is probably greater than in the past because, thanks to new techniques for backlighting and different types of processing, the qualitative and aesthetic impact has increased. Onyx is a preciousmaterial, and its choice must be careful, well studied based on the environment where it will be used.

On the market it can be found in various colors, such as: white, green, orange, champagne, brown, red, honey. In addition to these, Vicentina Marmi is able to assist the customer to verify further availability on the market.


Glossy Onyx sphere made by Vicentina Marmi

Thanks to its wide variety of colors, its hardness and brightness, onyx is used in various environments and in the creation of furnishing accessories.

Due to its translucency, onyx is often used in the realization of walls and counters for bars and cafeterias, or hotel receptions and store tables with backlighting which give harmony and brightness to the whole environment.

To obtain the effect, a light source is applied to panels placed directly behind the stone, making all the details, colors and veins of onyx, stand out, becoming an elegant and prestigious reference point.

Onyx is also used for the realization of lamps, where the warm nuances create fascinating and enveloping plays of light and, thanks to its innate elegance, it is also used for floors and walls, for design objects and precious jewels.

Vicentina Marmi employs craftsmen who, with ingenuity, skill and passion, exalt and shape this precious material donated by nature, enhancing its beauty.

The company acts as an experienced partner to follow the customer in the various stages of feasibility study and advice, in the choice of colors and combinations and in the production phases to achieve maximum satisfaction on the final result.


The finishes of onyx pieces are fewer in number compared to other materials. According to the one you chose you will obtain different final aesthetic effects. Vicentina Marmi has the expertise to realize and recommend other types of finishes, other than the following:

Glossy: to obtain a perfectly smooth surface with the property of reflecting light, suitable to give brightness to rooms.

Polished: to obtain a smooth but opaque and porous surface. The light reflection will be less than that of a polished finish.

Brushed: to obtain a non-homogeneous surface, called orange peel. The purpose is to obtain an antique, time-worn appearance.

Examples of different onyx finishes


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Relaxation and well-being surrounded by the warmth of the colors of the marble


The refinement of marble in luxury boutiques and shops


Luxury and relaxation on the high seas immersed in silence


Luxury residences enriched with fine marble finishes


marbles in a prestigious hotel where to welcome their guests


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