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Artigiani del marmo italiani-Italian marble craftsmen



A technical office for the design and choice of materials, consultancy on the entire project, specific resources for the utmost care of every detail. Vicentina Marmi is a single point of reference to meet the needs of Architects, Designers, marble workers and companies operating in the field of construction, street furniture, interior design, and renovation.

Consulenza della Vicentina Marmi per i lavori in marmo-Advice from Vicentina Marmi for marble works


The professionalism and experience of our staff will accompany you in the choice of the most suitable material for your needs, whether it is marble, granite, onyx or other materials. The first step is the analysis of your project, a step that guarantees particular attention to functionality, cost and aesthetics before moving on to engineering and proposing possible alternative solutions.

Vicentina Marmi's specialized consultants are available by appointment.


Our in-house technical department will take care of the design, transforming the immaterial into material through measurement, CAD drawing and 3D software modelling of the individual work.

Vicentina Marmi takes great care in the design work phase because this is the fundamental step to obtain a rigorous and impeccable realization in every agreed detail.

Image by Milad Fakurian
Lavorazioni di precisione del marmo-Precision marble processing


Vicentina Marmi is capable of transforming the uniqueness of materials such as marble, granite, onyx and stone, into creations to be experienced. An incomparable beauty, which took millions of years to form, enhanced thanks to Italian experience and taste.

The importance and attention in the production of custom projects is underlined by the professionalism of Vicentina Marmi's in-house laboratory, equipped with CNC and milling machines of the most advanced technology, but where Italian craftsmanship still finds the space to make the difference, because some of the meticulous processes must be performed manually by our skilled workers.



The precision of the final result is an important element that cannot leave room for improvisation. For this reason, for large projects a mockup service (test assembly) can be carried out in-house. The purpose of the mockup is to make samples to confirm the success of the project before arriving at the laying phase; if the correctness is confirmed, the same samples can also be part of the final realization.

Mockup intarsio in marmo-Marble inlay mockup
Imballo prodotti in marmo-Packaging of marble products


The perfect realization of the products is one of the fundamental values for us, from the functional and aesthetic point of view, and it is what contributes to maintaining our high-quality standards.

Once the production is completed,

Vicentina Marmi staff follows with the same care the packaging and storage of the delicate goods produced, to avoid any risk of damage.

Logistics assistance

Vicentina Marmi can provide, on request, dedicated assistance for the transport of products, thanks to its collaboration with the best Italian and foreign transport companies, guaranteeing professionalism and advantageous prices. It will be necessary to request this service at a preliminary stage to allow the company to seek the best solution in terms of cost and availability of external companies.

Spedizione prodotti lapidei-Shipping stone products


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