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Design chairs in marble
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Craftsmen for over 30 years

Lavorazioni in marmo made in Italy-Marble processing made in Italy


The attention and care for details put Vicentina Marmi at the top of the true Italian Craftsmanship where heart, passion and knowledge contribute to make every environment and realization unique.

In addition to the natural beauty of the raw material and the quality of the projects we realize, we are able to complete any job thanks to productive innovation and creativity. We believe in the value of "making", that's why many works are still made by hand by our craftsmen.

Innovazione nel marmo


Vicentina Marmi invests in cutting-edge technologies to optimize the production process. Each phase is carried out with the utmost care to ensure a realization that respects the essence of Made in Italy.

The laboratory is equipped with the best machinery, such as water jets, contouring wire for 3D processing, work centers, which allow the realization of any work.

The operators are also constantly updated on the latest processing techniques to ensure the highest quality.

Lavorazioni speciali in marmo Vicentina Marmi-Special processing in Vicentina Marmi marble


Thanks to qualified and specialized workers with more than 30 years of experience in the field and an in-house technologically advanced production laboratory, Vicentina Marmi can complete a variety of architectural projects and produce any type of decoration. Experience is the key that allows us to complete every project, from the simplest to the most complex, guaranteeing precision, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Opere in marmo senza tempo-Timeless marble works

    Our Values

Our mission is to combine the highest quality of materials with an excellent aesthetic value.

Capitello in stlile corinzio e dorico in marmo

Perfect quality

Vicentina Marmi's objective is to work alongside the customer by providing, besides its own design and production skills, a dedicated consultancy to research the most suitable material and technical solutions for the project required.

Vicentina Marmi loves to take on challenges, acquiring projects that at first seem unfeasible! This type of work allows the company to transform apparent difficulties into opportunities and perfect occasions to demonstrate all its skills in the field.

We work
with every material

Our creations are born from the combination of the human factor and the most advanced technologies for the processing of marbles, granites, stones, agglomerates and sintered stones.

Being trusted by the big names in the field, we are able to offer marbles and other stones of the best quality and beauty, and to process them in the best way thanks to expert operators and a well-equipped production center.

Our aim is not only to be a supplier for the customer but a partner, to achieve success together.

Lavorazione al centro di lavoro
Tavolo di design in marmo nero del Belgio speciale con sfera in granito Azul Macauba-Design table in special black Belgium marble with Azul Macaubas granite sphere

Growth and experimenting

In recent years Vicentina Marmi has distinguished itself, receiving some important awards, in the field of Contemporary Design.

The collaboration with Artists and Designers has made it possible to develop and further improve the internal skills of consultants and operators, creating complex works and projects of undisputed charm.

Statua in marmo di Carrara-Carrara marble statue

Our history

A path that has always been about marble, passion and ambition

Installazione rivestimento parete-Wall cladding installation

Vicentina Marmi is in Chiampo in the province of Vicenza, since 1999 brings together extensive expertise in the processing of marble, granite, onyx, stone, marble and quartz composites, and sintered stone.

The company's ownership shares valuable skills, trained in the School of Art and Crafts of the past and supported by an unmistakable talent, refined over the years. The founders, profound connoisseurs of marble, lead a group of capable and highly qualified professionals, able to offer the client an extraordinary gift: decades of experience, passion and imagination. The natural inclination of Vicentina Marmi is to create marble works starting from any element: an inspiration, an idea, a dream, a sketch.

Parete in marmo con lavorazione speciale-Marble wall with special processing
Lavabo in pietra-Stone washbasin

What we do

Environments, projects and products in marble, granite, onyx, marble or quartz agglomerates, stone and sintered stone.

Arredo in marmo per ristoranti e locali pubblici-Marble furniture for restaurants and public places

Ho.Re.Ca Environment

Marble surfaces and furnishing accessories are ideal for use in accentuating the luxury of hospitality facilities, such as Hotels and Resorts or the interior of Restaurants and Cafeterias. In addition to the high aesthetic value, marble is recommended for its versatility and cleaning capacity.

We should also not underestimate the eclecticism of marble, which can be used for a multitude of creations intended for the internal and external environments of structures dedicated to reception and hospitality.

Residential Environment

The use of marble can change the perception of the environment within a home. Floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms can achieve a prestigious and modern look thanks to the use of this elegant material.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for homes designed in a tailor-made fashion with unique and sophisticated effects.

Pavimento in marmo per residenze-Marble floor for residences and homes
Arredamento in marmo per boutique e gioiellerie-Marble furniture for boutiques and jewelers

Commercial Environment

From the front door to the counter, to the furniture and displays, marble lends a unique atmosphere to the interior of any retail establishment. Widely used in clothing boutiques and jewelry stores, as it communicates extreme elegance, giving the environment a refined and attractive aesthetic. In addition, thanks to its technical characteristics, it saves time in the maintenance of surfaces.


Collaborations with Architects and Designers on projects and events.

Il suono della pietra-The sound of stone

Always popular in the field of sculpture and furnishing, marble now plays an important role in the most sought-after design projects. Thanks to new technologies and machinery capable of processing slabs with extreme precision, Vicentina Marmi has expanded its production range in recent years, introducing the creation of design works in collaboration with talented designers and planners from Italy and abroad.

Experience and dedication make our company in Chiampo the ideal partner for artists who wish to interpret this wonderful and versatile natural stone in a contemporary way.

Vasca da bagno in marmo-Marble bathtub
Superficie in marmo-Marble surface


A strong team always ready to meet the needs of the customer.

lavorazione granito a vicenza

Vicentina Marmi

Our staff works every day to create marble works of the highest quality. In our office in Chiampo, Vicenza, you can find a team of designers, consultants and skilled workers available for all your needs.

Contact our office for any request.

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