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Sintered stone


Sintered stone Vicentina Marmi

What is it?

Sintered materials are made through industrial processes. They are obtained from a mixture of 100% natural raw materials compacted at high temperature in such a way that they bind to obtain slabs, all of which is done without the addition of chemical binders.

The result is a product that is extremely impact-resistant, unalterable over time, porosity-free, resistant to UV rays and chemicals, which can withstand temperature changes. Sintered products can simulate some types of natural marble, or they can have a wide range of colors.

Sintered stone is produced in slabs with thicknesses ranging from 12 to 30 mm.

One of the advantages of sintered materials is to have, especially for thicknesses from 12 to 20 mm, large slabs.

On the market there are different types of sintered materials, not only for coloring but also for production process to cover any required realization.


Sintered stone kitchen

The use of sintered stone in construction and furnishings ranges in an infinite number of solutions, from coatings for interior and exterior walls (including ventilated), flooring, kitchen countertops and inside wellness centers, nautical environments such as yachts or cruise ships.

There are no drawbacks for its external use, in fact, thanks to its high mechanical and physical qualities, it does not deteriorate due to weather, and it has a high resistance to impact and scratches.

This material can be used in wet environments or where water is a widespread element such as swimming pools, spas or in the naval sector, thanks to its impermeability and ability to resist corrosion.

Vicentina Marmi proposes its services as an experienced partner to find the best solutions according to the expectations of the final result required by the customer.


There are many different finishes for sintered materials, according to the one you chose you will obtain different final aesthetic effects. In addition to the following finishes, Vicentina Marmi has the expertise to realize and recommend other types of finishes, depending on the aesthetic effects you wish to obtain or on the applications required.

Glossy: the surface is perfectly smooth with the property of reflecting light, suitable to give brightness to environments.

Micro bush-hammered: the surface has a light roughness that provides a soft and natural shade.

Satin: the surface is slightly opaque. It will convey a feeling of softness to the touch.

Examples of finishes for sintered stone


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