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Carrara marble Vicentina Marmi

What is it?

Marble is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, it has the characteristics of being bright, with veining colors and special effects. One of its other qualities is the strength that allows it to last over time. Marble gives elegance, luxury and refinement to any environment, and has the feature of reflecting light, making it particularly bright, giving brightness to the whole environment where it is located.

The color and veining change depending on the type and its origin, the marble is never equal to itself, each block is different because it is a natural material, so each realization and production can be considered unique.

It has been used in the past for the realization of statues and roads, and thanks to its strength and resistance still today these works appear in their best quality. Even today it is used for various projects thanks to its charm and the wide range of applications, and it is chosen by Architects and Designers to embellish and give prestige to various environments such as boutiques, residences, hotels, cafeterias, wellness and nautical.


Realization in marble project Marea by Elena Salmistraro

There are an infinite number of types of marble that are distinguished by their coloring and characteristics of resistance and longevity, and in each project the right type is selected.

Marble can be used not only indoors but also outdoors, in the latter case thanks to the many types resistant to atmospheric agents.

Its use includes art, construction, street furniture, furnishings and various objects.

With the advent of new technologies today marble is also widely used in the nautical sector in luxury yachts and cruise ships, thanks to techniques to reduce its weight, this detail is not negligible when talking about boats.

Marble is also widely used in boutiques and jewelers, to embellish environments, not only to make floors or facades of the entrance, but also to cover the as an exhibitor.


The marble finishes are many, according to the one you chose you will obtain different final aesthetic effects. Vicentina Marmi has the expertise to realize and recommend other types of finishes, other than the following:

Glossy: to obtain a perfectly smooth surface with the ability to reflect light, suitable for giving brightness to rooms.

Polished: to obtain a smooth but opaque and porous surface in which the reflection of light will be less than that of a glossy finish.

Brushed: to obtain a non-homogeneous surface, defined as "orange peel". The purpose is to obtain an antique and time-worn appearance.

Satin: to obtain a surface that is slightly rough to the touch with low light reflection.

Flamed: obtained through a thermal treatment at high temperature and subsequent abrupt cooling with water obtaining a very irregular surface. This finish is preferred for outdoor environments because the surface becomes non-slip.

Bush-hammering: it is obtained through mechanical processing to obtain a surface with a rustic and irregular appearance. It is widely used for outdoor environments because it is non-slip.

Different finishes on marble


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Relaxation and well-being surrounded by the warmth of the colors of the marble


The refinement of marble in luxury boutiques and shops


Luxury and relaxation on the high seas immersed in silence


Luxury residences enriched with fine marble finishes


marbles in a prestigious hotel where to welcome their guests


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