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Granite Azul Boquira

What is it?

Granite is a natural stone that was created as a result of the cooling of magma.

Its brilliance is caused by the high amount of quartz it contains, while the presence of other minerals gives it its color.

Granite is a natural material of high hardnessand thanks to the absence of pores it is very heavy, compact, and impermeable even to aggressive substances. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for outdoor flooring.

Granite does not retain dirt and with a simple washing you can clean it from bacteria, so it is an excellent choice for environments where cleanliness and hygiene must always be ensured, such as public places like airports, stations, hotels and schools, where there are many people. Granite can be considered an elegant and at the same time functional material.


Table made of granite, from the work Space Time Distortion

Granite has higher costs compared to other stone solutions but, thanks to its unique characteristics, it will remain intact for decades in its elegance and beauty to compensate for the initial cost.

This material today is more widespread than in the past, thanks to new technologies that make it easy to work, overcoming the difficulty of carving and shaping it due to its hardness. Granite has several applications: interior and exterior flooring, wall coverings, kitchen countertops, bathrooms and floors. Mostly used in the realization of floors for resistance and ease of cleaning, but also to cover the exterior walls of buildings, especially in busy cities, as it resists atmospheric agents and chemicals caused by smog.

The boiserie of external and internal walls, besides decorating, give the possibility to create gaps between the granite covering and the walls; these gaps in the external walls have the purpose of creating ventilated areas that will cool down during the warm seasons reduce humidity in the wet and cold seasons.

On the other hand, it creates gaps in the internal walls, in which electrical cables or pipes are installed, for easy access in case of maintenance, or for storage purposes.


The finishes of granite pieces are many, according to the one you chose you will obtain different final aesthetic effects. Vicentina Marmi has the expertise to realize and recommend other types of finishes, other than the following:

Glossy: to obtain a perfectly smooth surface with the property of reflecting light, suitable for giving brightness to rooms.

Polished: to obtain a smooth but opaque and porous surface in which the reflection of light will be less than that of a glossy finish.

Brushed: to obtain a non-homogeneous surface, defined as "orange peel". The purpose is to obtain an antique and time-worn appearance.

Satin: to obtain a surface that is slightly rough to the touch, with low light reflection.

Flamed: obtained through a thermal treatment at high temperature and subsequent abrupt cooling with water obtaining a very irregular surface. This finish is mainly performed for outdoor environments because the surface becomes non-slip.

Bush-hammering: it is obtained through mechanical processing to obtain a surface with a rustic and irregular appearance. It is widely used for outdoor environments for its non-slip function.

Examples of granite finishing


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