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Natural stone


Pietra naturale Vicentina Marmi

What is it?

Natural stone is a hard material that is resistant to atmospheric phenomena such as rain and hail, high temperatures, frost, and supports heavy weights.

It is a varied and original material: every type of stone is different from one another, unique in its conformation, veining and coloring.

Today, natural stone is being rediscovered thanks to the different processing and finishing techniques and, thanks to its more rustic appearance compared to marble, it is used in both classic and modern environments.

It is most commonly used outdoors, for flooring in hotel areas, restaurants, squares and as covering for the external walls of buildings.

Buildings covered with natural stone communicate character and personality, moreover, in line with modern requirements, stone is one of the most eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, thanks to its ability to create an important thermal and acoustic insulation.

Precisely because of its environmental friendliness, it has seen a strong boost in its modern use, particularly in buildings in rural environments, with results perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.


Stairs and columns made of natural stone

The choice of using natural stone for both walls and floors has the advantages, thanks to the hardness and resistance to atmospheric phenomena, of being considered eternal and with little or no maintenance required, obtaining a double positive effect in stone productions: aesthetic and economic.

Natural stone, such as marble or granite, has higher initial costs that are absorbed over time thanks to the minimal maintenance that this material requires and the innate characteristic of hardness and impact resistance, without forgetting that it will ensure its beautyover time.

Stone materials are considered valuable for their natural elegance and their mechanical resistance. Moreover, the originality of the products made of stone is not comparable to anything else. Each floor, object or wall will not have elements that are equal but will always differ in shades of color or veining, so each piece of work will be considered unique.


The finishes of natural stone works are many, according to the one you chose you will obtain different final aesthetic effects. Vicentina Marmi has the expertise to realize and recommend other types of finishes, other than the following:

Glossy (not achievable on all types of natural stone): to obtain a perfectly smooth surface with the property of reflecting light, suitable for giving brightness to rooms.

Polished: to obtain a smooth but opaque and porous surface. Light reflection will be lower than that of a polished finish.

Brushed: to obtain an "orange peel" surface with an antique and time-worn look.

Satin: to obtain a surface that is slightly rough to the touch and will have low light reflection.

Flamed: obtained through a high-temperature heat treatment and subsequent abrupt cooling with water, for a very irregular surface. Suitable for outdoor environments because the surface becomes non-slip. Can also be used indoors.

Bush-hammering: this is obtained through mechanical processing to obtain a surface with a rustic and irregular appearance. It is widely used for outdoor environments because the surface will have the characteristic

Different finishes of natural stone


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