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Wellness Centers and Spas


Marble is a natural material that helps to promote relaxation in a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.
Since ancient times the various peoples used marble to embellish the wellness centers and spas where people went to relax, its use is not only due to its refinement and elegance, but also for its ability to reflect light throughout the environment.
Vicentina Marmi offers its services to pursue the finest care for details, for the wise research of materials, and for innovation with the aim of making marble express all its elegance and refinement. This study activity can also be carried out in existing structures that require real restructuring, for extensions, or for simple partial renovations.

Wall coverings in marble, onyx, agglomerates for wellness centers and spas


In all projects where performance is required to ensure durability and aesthetic characteristics of high value, the ideal solution is oriented in the choice to use marble.
In wellness centers and swimming pools marble is used in the realization of coatings and floors, and structural elements such as columns decorated with high aesthetic value to increase the refinement.
The coatings of the walls highlight all the nuances and color variations that the marble has.
Even the floors are made of marble with the aim of giving the wellness center a perception of luxury, sophistication and elegance, to exploit the ability of marble to reflect light, increasing the brightness of the environments.
Marble is a natural material, so it is never the same, creating exclusive and unique environments.

Through the technical and production skills of Vicentina Marmi combined with the ideas of our Architects and Designers, we are able to create environments for relaxation of value and priceless beauty for any style of spa and wellness centers, whether they are classic or contemporary.


Marble is a material with high mechanical resistance that allows it to resist abrasion over time, and with specific treatments it is protected from stains to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
A very important aspect to be ensured in wellness centers and spa areas is hygiene, and for this reason marble is widely used thanks to its ease of cleaning.
Marble, even decades after its installation, can be restored to its original splendor with a simple polishing treatment.

Wellness centers and swimming pools are public places where there are many people, so they must be cleaned and sanitized to ensure the welfare and health of guests.
The characteristics of marble guarantee a complete cleaning to obtain a complete sanitization of the environments.

Marble and stone coverings for saunas


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