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Marble flooring brings luxury and prestige to the various rooms of residences, boutiques, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and wellness centers.

The choice of surface finishings is fundamental to recreate an environment that gives serenity to the people who visit them to provide an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to all these characteristics, marble is chosen by various luxury brands that are always looking for solutions and products that can reflect and communicate their history and their identity to their customers.

Vicentina Marmi is the perfect supplier to realize the desired marble floors thanks to its experience and attention to detail.

Marble is a material full of history that can give the feeling of a brighter and wider environment thanks to its characteristic of reflecting light. Marble and stone have always remained trendy and exclusive because they are natural materials, and they will never be aesthetically replicable, but will always present different shades of color or veining.

Marble is a refined and versatile material suitable for any style from classic to modern to rustic, it has no limits of use, every interior design idea can be satisfied.

The elegance and unparalleled refinement of a marble floor, perhaps embellished with inlays, means that any environment remains unchanged over time thanks to its hardness.





Natural stone

Agglomerate in marble and quartz

Sintered stone

Marble floors can be considered timeless, just think of all the historic buildings where even today these works of art can be admired in all their splendor.

Thanks to its features of style and functionality, marble is also widely used in the outdoor flooring of swimming pools and wellness centers. In these environments, where there is a strong presence of moisture, humidity is an aspect to evaluate carefully to maintain the integrity of the marble creations over time.

Vicentina Marmi will be an perfect partner for researching the type, color and technical characteristics of the marble or stone to be used in these environments with a strong presence of water, and its experience and knowledge will advise on the material to be used.

Vicentina Marmi knows how to understand the customer's needs and how to analyze them carefully and skillfully in every single aspect of the project to complete the project with maximum customer satisfaction.

Marble floors are very popular in public places not only for their elegance but also because they are easy to clean and keep beautiful over time.


Quality inlays

Inlays give floors luxury and prestige. Their realization can be made with different marbles, starting with the one that makes up the floor. In addition to the type, you can have fun with the most varied colors.

You can have inlays with materials other than marble or other stone materials, these can be metal, wood, or glass.

The geometry of the inlays can be varied to suit both classic and modern environments.


Different final aesthetic effects will be obtained depending on the chosen finish, capable of exalting the product.

Besides the polished and honed finishes, which are the most requested, Vicentina Marmi has the skills to realize and recommend other types of finishes.

Find out which are the most suitable finishes for Marble, Granite, Onyx, Stone, Composites and Sintered stones


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