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Yachts and Cruise Ships


The use of marbles in yachts boosts their prestige. From bathrooms to floors and walls, and even walls can be embellished with the use of marble and onyx.
The vastness of the choice of colors and aesthetic characteristics gives the possibility to customize the various environments.

The possibility for the use of marble on a larger scale for nautical purposes has been made possible thanks to technology and new techniques for working marble to reduce its weight. Today it is possible to furnish every living space of the boats with these elegant materials, marble and onyx. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and relax areas can be furnished in a modern or classic way according to personal tastes.
The lightened marble is a material composed of a thin marble slab, glued through special resins to a panel, which can be aluminum (Honeycomb), PVC, polypropylene or other materials.
The marbles used in the realization of the required projects are carefully selected and tested to ensure the final result required by the customer.
When it comes to designing the interior of a luxury yacht, there are many aspects to consider to combine functionality and style.

Marble coatings for yachts and cruise ships


The choice of using marble to furnish yachts is examined by the Architects and Designers right from the design phase of the project.
The most valuable, exclusive and elegant materials are selected with the appropriate characteristics to ensure the quality and style of luxury yachting and made in Italy.
Careful analysis has the aim of making the environment refined, to meet exactly the requirements imposed by the rules of construction of yachts, mega yachts and pleasure boats.
Vicentina Marmi's technical team works alongside Architects and Designers to collaborate in the choice of the most suitable marble or stone for the project, analyzing every single aesthetic and technical aspect to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


Marbles and onyx are widely used in cruise ships with the aim of recreating luxurious environments where guests can relax during their vacations or spend their free time.
In the ships it is possible to obtain luxurious suites thanks to the use of precious and elegant marbles combined with an aesthetic refined in every detail.
Spaces of great charm, obtained thanks to the use of a natural raw material, which will allow you to experience an unforgettable journey surrounded by the blue sea.
Luxury environments or realizations are improved with the use of valuable material and processes.
In this occasion Vicentina Marmi can play an important role in supporting the Architects and Designers in the choice and matching of the various types of marbles already in the preliminary phases of the project.

The eternal beauty of marble is not only the result of its color but also of its quality, the type of veining, and finally its surface compactness that allows it to resist atmospheric agents and the wear and tear of time. Therefore, a careful analysis must be made in the choice of the marble to be used for every single room, bedroom, bathroom and common area.

Marble floors for living rooms and bedrooms for yachts and cruise ships


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