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The marble Boiserie enrich the environments with style and personality.

The Boiserie can be considered as decorations and find their main application in boutiques, hotels, restaurants, residences, yachts and wellness areas.

They can be made either with panels with smooth surfaces, with variable surfaces in textures and shapes, or with the insertion of inlays with different types of materials.

The Boiserie can also have a very popular utility that concerns the opportunity to obtain the cavities for the passage of cables, pipes, or to create compartmentsto use as storage of various materials.

This opportunity to create cavities can also be obtained on the external walls of buildings, in this case we are talking about coverings rather than boiserie. The purpose is to create a space between the load-bearing walls and the covering with a dual purpose, to have a ventilated wall that helps cooling in hot seasons or removing moisture in wet and cold seasons, while another purpose concerns, as written above, the possibility of having useful areas for the passage of cables and pipes with easy access for any future maintenance or repairs.

PANELING FOR CLASSIC ENVIRONMENTS: wall coverings can be decorated with carvings or inlays to convey the charm of the past.

You can make smooth walls where the classic meets the modern in a harmonious combination of materials and styles.

BOISERIE FOR MODERN ENVIRONMENTS: For this type of environment, it is possible to find coverings with smooth surfaces or with three-dimensional effects. The latter type can have a dual benefit, it is an aesthetic improvement, and it eliminates acoustic reverberation.

It is possible to obtain light and refined solutions with various combinations of color and type of marble, embracing a contemporary taste.

Even for modern environments you can have the inlays that besides using different types of marble for color and characteristics, you can also integrate with other materials such as metal or wood.





Natural stone

Agglomerate in marble and quartz

Sintered stone

With a clever arrangement of lights, you can create environments where you can relax, or elegant spaces where you can welcome your guests.

The realization of wall coverings inside the boutiques creates elegance and luxury to welcome their customers.

For the realization of Boiserie, besides marble, it is also common to use onyx and thanks to its translucent property, it offers the backlighting that gives fascinating light effects, useful to give greater prestige to the environment and highlight the products on display.

The Boiserie can be made with the same type of marble used for the floor or combined with a different marble in a harmony of colors, patterns and veining characteristics, peculiarities of this natural and valuable material.

Vicentina Marmi will put all its thirty years of experience at the customer's disposal to advise and find the best aesthetic, technical and productive solutions to obtain the best final result.



The inlays give beauty and elegance to the walls covering and boiserie. They can be made with marbles different from those that make up the boiserie, both in type and in color.

You can have inlays with materials other than marble or other stone materials, these can be metal, wood, or glass.

The geometries of the inlays can be various so that they can fit both classic and modern environments.


Different final aesthetic effects will be obtained depending on the chosen finish, capable of exalting the product.

Besides the polished and honed finishes, which are the most requested, Vicentina Marmi has the skills to realize and recommend other types of finishes.

Find out which are the most suitable finishes for Marble, Granite, Onyx, Stone, Composites and Sintered stones


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