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Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes


Marble is used in Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias to give elegance, prestige and luxury to their environments. It is a strong material and resistant to wear, the various monuments and historical buildings made in the past are the proof.
These are just some of the reasons why it is chosen by architects and interior designers to give shape to their ideas.

A marble, based on the environment where it is used, can have a classic or a contemporary look. The advantages in choosing the use of this noble raw material for coatings or floors are in its majestic and natural effect that gives an appearance of class and elegance in any environment where it is used.

Marble and stone flooring for outdoor for hotels, restaurants and cafeteria


I In the past, in hotels, marble was used for the flooring of the entrances and areas for the registration of guests. Today it is also used for other areas, and to create furnishing accessories.
Embellishing the various places with marble finishes has the purpose of enveloping and welcoming guests with beauty.

Marble gives a timeless refinement, capable of adapting to the times thanks to the skill of Architects and Designers who, with the help of companies like Vicentina Marmi, know how to find the perfect combination of colors and materials to obtain a result that enhances and gives satisfaction to the customer's project.

Marbles are also used to cover the external walls of buildings to enhance their elegance and are also suitable for the creation of ventilated surfaces, which is very common today, to create a gap between the marble covering and the load-bearing walls of the building. The purpose is to have a ventilation in the cavity to dissipate heat in summer and avoid creating humidity during the humid and cold months.

A very requested product in hotels concerns the insertion of inlays, classical or with modern geometries based on the type of environment, either in the floors of the hall or in the entrances, to convey elegance and welcome the guests.


Inside Restaurants and Cafeterias marble gives elegance and allows a greater customization of the various environments. Onyx is another material widely used to create counters and display walls. Thanks to its translucent property, it allows backlighting.

Vicentina Marmi supports Architects and Designers to find the right solutions, through a careful analysis of the project and the type of environment, to identify the most suitable material to be used. The correct choice of marble combined with a precise design guarantees an original and impactful result.
An important aspect of furnishing public places is the choice of colors of marble or onyx. The market offers an infinite number of choices, and in combination with the finishes you can have many variables, to meet the design requirements.

Precious marble and granite coverings for hotels, restaurants and cafes


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