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Marble stairs can be considered an investment because they maintain elegance and qualityover time thanks to the hardness and resistance of marble.

The choice of a marble covering is among the most classic and at the same time capable of integrating modernity and tradition.

The wide variety of marbles on the market allow a variety of style solutions to satisfy any customization and need.

Since marbleis a hard material, as already mentioned, it is resistant to wear caused by trampling and scratches and for this reason it keeps its beautyintact over time.

The stairs can be straight, spiral, cantilever, self-supporting or any other shape.

Marble stairs convey strength and elegance, and for this reason they are widely used in various contexts, offices, public places, private residences, restaurants and hotels.

The choice of the correct type of staircase can be delegated to the technical and production expertise of Vicentina Marmi who will ensure quality and experience, to satisfy and complete the final result required by the customer.

To enhance the effects of elegance and prestige in the realization of marble stairs it is possible to combine other types of materials, such as metal, wood, glass and light effects through the use of LEDs to be applied under the steps or laterally in the wall.

These combinations will give personality and added value to the entire environment.

The versatility in the choice of marble to use for a staircase makes it possible to achieve any design requirement and Vicentina Marmi will ensure respect for the quality of made in Italy.





Natural stone

Agglomerate in marble and quartz

Sintered stone

Marble stairs are used both indoors and outdoors. In the latter case you should provide non-slip finishes and prefer compact marble with fewer veins because they are more resistant to weather, you can also use porous marble, which in this case must be subjected to grouting to be insulated from possible infiltration of liquids that can damage the structure.

Marble is a natural material so each creation will be unique in its kind thanks to its color shades and the presence of unique veins.

This uniqueness will not only be for the stairs, but for any furniture, coating where the marble is used.

Marble stairs are easy to clean and consequently to sanitize, paying attention only not to use acid and abrasive cleaning products.

Thanks to the thirty-year experience in the art of marble and stone processing of our operators, Vicentina Marmi will be at your side as a reliable and expert partner.


LED lighting

The stairs can be enhanced by inserting LEDs under the steps, or laterally by inserting light fixtures in the wall.

The effect obtained is a fascinating play of light and shadow.

The lighting of the stairs must be considered in the design phase to create the space where lights will be installed.


Different final aesthetic effects will be obtained depending on the chosen finish, capable of exalting the product.

Besides the polished and honed finishes, which are the most requested, Vicentina Marmi has the skills to realize and recommend other types of finishes.

Find out which are the most suitable finishes for Marble, Granite, Onyx, Stone, Composites and Sintered stones


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