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Marble is a robust and resistant to wear, and thanks to the many varieties on the market it is widely used in the realization of floors, bathrooms, boiserie and kitchen countertops.
As a natural material, marble has different shades of color and veining variables, making each realization unique and unrepeatable.
The use of marble in the kitchen ranges from wall coverings to flooring, and there are high demands in the production of kitchen tops.
Regarding the bathroom, marble is used for flooring and wall coverings, but also in the production of washbasins that can be built-in or support the most varied shapes.

Interior floors in marble and onyx for kitchens and living rooms in homes


Marble is also used for the realization of fireplaces; in this case the skillful mastery of Vicentina Marmi's staff allows to obtain valuable finishes such as inlays that are suitable for both classic and modern environments.

Another very important part present in many houses is the staircase made of marble giving to the residence itself an additional touch of elegance and prestige.
Marble stairs can be combined with glass handrails for a more contemporary effect, or with burnished brass, polished copper or wood for a more classic style.

Thanks to its strength and resistance, marble is also used in outdoor environments, both for wall coverings and for flooring.

The experience of Vicentina Marmi is an added value for your projects because it has the competence to advise and guide the customer to the final success.


The presence of marble in the various areas of a residence automatically creates prestigious environments, since marble itself is synonymous with elegance and refinement.
In luxury residences, marble is used not only for flooring, boiserie, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, but also for furnishing accessories such as tables and shelves.
Even the wellness areas and swimming pools are treated with marble coatings, suitably chosen for these environments with high humidity.
Marble emphasizes the beauty of any room, detail, and decorative element.
Its beauty combined with reflective properties creates a touch of timeless elegance.

Marble or stone is also recommended for the external perimeter walls of buildings because they are heat regulators between the internal and external environment, thus maximizing energy savings.
In addition to thermal insulation of the building you also have insulation from noise, and there is a decrease in structural movements caused by temperature variations.

External cladding in marble and stone for residences


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