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Marble in bathrooms is used for the realization of sinks, floors and wall coverings, giving the environment an exclusiveand elegant aesthetic result that lasts over time.

The bathroom is the place where after a day's work or after a physical activity we relax and having an elegant environment that surrounds us made with natural materials increases the sense of relaxation.

The use of marble for bathrooms in hotels, restaurants and shopping malls is necessary not only for the elegant and luxurious effects, but also for its resistance to wear and tear, to maintain its initial state over time in these places visited by many people.

Marble combines perfectly in classic and modern bathrooms, thanks to the wide choice of colors, the characteristics of the various variants on the market, and the different types of processing and finishes possible. An important aspect of marble are the veins that give uniqueness and value to floors and walls.

Besides the possibility to choose among different types of marble, it is possible to have furnishing elements such as washbasins or bathtubs with a sophisticated design to look like a work of art.

The sinks and bathtubs can be made by gluing the different parts that make them up, or they can be obtained from a block, in the latter case it is possible to obtain works of art of high prestige and value with the most varied forms.

Marble is a natural material extracted in blocks and each block is different from the other so it will make every single bathroom a unique and elegant environment.





Natural stone

Agglomerate in marble and quartz

Sintered stone

Marble is a material that brings a touch of exclusivityto the creation of bathrooms that no other material can give. Marble is a material that never goes out of fashion, just remember that it was used by all the people on Earth since ancient times, and even today is used and chosen in every part of the world.

In the bathroom we relax after a long day of work to restore the psychophysical well-being, including showers and beauty treatments, so there is nothing better than to find relaxation in an elegant and reassuring environment thanks to marble finishes.

Marble has the benefit of reflecting light, so floors and wall coverings give brightness, both in small and large environments.

Vicentina Marmiis an ideal partner to support and advise customers in the choice of marble to be used both from an aesthetic and technical point of view and to obtain a final result as expected, elegant and prestigious, thanks to the thirty-year experience of its craftsmen.


Special processes

For bathrooms, processing can be done on cylindrical surfaces, such as the support columns of washbasins.

The purpose is to give a style not only to the sink, but to transfer prestige to the whole environment.

Vicentina Marmi has the technical skills to perform these types of processing thanks to its qualified staff and the technological equipment of its production.


Different final aesthetic effects will be obtained depending on the chosen finish, capable of exalting the product.

Besides the polished and honed finishes, which are the most requested, Vicentina Marmi has the skills to realize and recommend other types of finishes.

Find out which are the most suitable finishes for Marble, Granite, Onyx, Stone, Composites and Sintered stones


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